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SupaPowa® Technology

Not a day passes without someone asking us how the technology works. Currently, the most popular wireless charging solutions available use magnetic induction across two coils: one is fitted in the charging pad [Transmitter] and the other in the mobile device [Receiver]. By simply placing your device onto a PowerPad, it will start charging - power delivered without the need for cables. We can embed the technology so that it is hidden or make it a feature of any surface.


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At SupaPowa®, we are the enablers of this technology; we specify the right technical solution championed by ongoing and committed support from the moment of installation. We have adopted a module-based system, allowing us to continuously upgrade any installation, thereby future proofing our customers’ investment. Our advanced wireless technology range is ready to support the iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus.

SupaPowa® - your perfect technology partner.